Who are we?

We are a tutoring centre focussed on teaching pupils to read, write and enhance their mathematics skills, including science and computing courses for children.

We aim to help pupils achieve the requisite results to gain entrance into grammar and independent schools.

Our vision is to act as a supplement to pupils in their school learning, supporting the national curriculum priorities of English and Maths plus technological areas crucial for the 21st Century.

As well as daily classroom settings for the pupils, we also offer one-to-one tuition for to those either requiring catching up or who would generally prefer this setting.

Did you know?

It is well recorded that there is a national decline in teachers and those willing to get into the profession as such, we aim to create the environment where teachers in training can obtain the necessary experience to advance their careers as well as giving learned teachers who simply love the profession to continue teaching.


We believe that our equal opportunities approach which will encourage cross methodologies in teaching can only enhance the quality of education and knowledge imparted onto our pupils.


Our class sizes are small enough to enable effective interactions between pupils and teachers and more importantly giving the tutors the opportunity to realise the potentials of each child.